Zero gravity

June 29, 2007

I just tested the new game made in Silverlight: Coool


link»Drag drop with feedback in Silverlight

June 28, 2007

Found this good article on nikkramer’s ┬áblog

A new blog for a new job

June 28, 2007

Welcome to my new blog…

With some delay, I’ll start this new blog here at WordPress as I can’t add posts to MsdnBlog since I left Microsoft Switzerland.

At beginning of April, I created a new startup with a friend and partner; our goal is to develop and publish
a connected platform made with latest dotNET/WinFx technologies (3.5).

Two month later, we are four people and soon one more.

We are in development phase and are planning a private beta for late September

A first public beta is planned for late November

Cross fingers….