Over 24 years, I gathered experiences in systems analysis, systems design, development and projects leading of commercial software and tools based on different operating system and languages. I’m specialized in Client/Server, Internet and tools development based on different operating systems and languages with a focus on Visual Basic, Com, Com+ and more recently with a focus on .Net technologies.

I’m been developing architecture solutions (single sign-on, ldap, messaging and data transfer) and end-user solutions (reporting, electronic data-management system, contact management, client and stock billing) in web based and client-server environment.

These projects gave me a wide industry experience, from consumer goods to banking, assurances, in international environment with projects in Paris, New-York, Milan and “Suisse Romande.”

From March 2001 until March 2007, I worked at Microsoft Swizterland Ltd. as a senior consultant and developer. My main focus concerned the development with the .NET technologies. My role was to deliver to MS clients and MS partners solutions, knowledge transfers & workshops.

Since April 2007, I started a new startup with a friend and partner; our goal is to develop and publish a connected platform made with latest MS technologies (dotNET 3.5).

My favorite languages are C# and VB.NET


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